Good anxiety?  

Can anxiety be good




There's that word. Anxiety. A feeling we've all experienced at one point or another.

Often connected with worry, uneasiness, frustration or dread. Feelings of anxiety often have a negative impact on our physical and mental health however, what if I told you a certain amount of anxiety is useful - even dependable. How else would we be able to alert our minds to risk so that we can think through our choices? It is a protection that has evolved to prevent us from entering into dangerous/risky situations so we can escape from them. Major kudos to the fight-or-flight response brought to you by anxiety increasing our performance and stamina when we are physically in danger. 

 All of this to say that word anxiety is nothing to be afraid of. It's a normal response to life experiences we all have to face daily. Of course too much of anything can't be good so high anxiety can be more of a hindrance than a help. Ultimately, all things are working for your good so...

take a deep breath 

exercise your right to kick anxiety's a**

and also embrace that even when the battle is neck and neck

you've still won the good fight.